Makeup and Mask. Are you ready for the new normal?

In this world of only eye to eye contact, the close knit ties which comes almost engraved in every Filipino will certainly take a 360 degree turn and shock most. Gone will be the regular hugs, the five at every joke, holding hands and more. From hereon, we'll be going through each day looking at pairs of eyes at every turn. 

Now, most certainly, this is an opportunity to highlight our eyes as one of our best assets. Hiding behind a mask is not an excuse not to stay pretty so in this series, I've come up with some makeup ideas you can go for while adapting to this world we call the New Normal.

This tutorial is very easy and really simple. It only uses 3 colors from your palette and suggests earth tones. Of course, you can be adventurous and be you! Use shades of blues, violets, pinks, and more to spice up your looks!

Let me know which color best worked for you! 

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