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Pinkies Collection?

So this is actually an international brand that's readily made available to us through Watsons, in any branch I visit. Pinkies Collection is franchised by a Filipino, and products are shipped to the Philippines.

Technically, this brand is a little on the midrange budget since it's not locally made but there are products which are very good investments for us, ladies, who want to get a decent product but won't cost an arm and a leg.

Last Christmas, Pinkies Collection was on sale and I was a little in doubt since the brand wasn't as well-advertised as others such as Careline or Nichido, etc. Being the curious cat I am, I checked the products and am stunned to find a lip velvet which I have been looking for a while now! And in the perfect red I wanted. *faints happily*

Originally priced at P320-ish (I cannot recall the exact price the lady offered), I got this for a steal at P199.00! *audience clapping*

The rest of the shades are as follows:

This photo was taken under normal daylight and is unfiltered. The shade I got is called Luscious. And rightfully so! :D

My thoughts. Initially, there is still that distinct scent of chemical which the brand failed to hide, and when I drink coffee or any warm beverage, the lipstick melts and transfers very lightly. So there is a need to retouch. The good news, however, is that you can retouch after your 6th or seventh cup (yaaaay~).

More good news. It is airy, though not as good as Peripera probably (still cheaper), so it kind of feels like wearing lipbalm. Very, very pigmented. Does not exactly feel like a lipstick. It's transfer and kiss proof until you eat (plus points there). And did I mention it's pigmented? As in a little goes a long way! But the best part is, it's not tacky nor sticky from first layer to next (Woohooo!).

Have you tried this yet? If so, then leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you haven't then let's wait for the next sale to get more shades. :)

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