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Foundation hack! Extend your foundation with moisturizer

Sure we found the right shade and tested a hundred times at the makeup counter to see how good it is. But when we look at the tag price, well... *cringe, and cries inside*. 

It's too expensive.

This is why I am sharing one way you can extend the foundation of your dreams when you finally get to take it home.

Click Me to watch the tutorial!

That's right! If you are a makeup enthusiast who is working on a budget then this tip can definitely help!

Since I use foundation to work everyday, I want to be able to extend the my foundation to more than the usual 3 to 5 months it takes me to go through a 30ml bottle. Specially since one of the best that works well with my skin type (being oily to combination) is a little on the pricier part of the spectrum. So I definitely want to be able to maximize the amount I spent. And I've been using this makeup hack for 2 to 3 years now so I can definitely attest to the wonderful way it works. I've been able to extend a 30ml foundation to a full year since this hack.

Sweet, right?

Watch the video on how I do it, though I did use a couple of different foundations in there. Only to match my shade. :)

Let me know if this also works for you and let's say thank you to Michelle Phan for introducing this hack years ago! Thanks, Mish❤

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