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Holiday Makeup Ideas

It's Christmas season again! And we all know what that means. Parties to attend to. Reunions to get ready for. Year-end occasions. The list is quite long. Since part of the list means getting ready then let's talk about some looks which you can easily go for specially if you still have work to take care of in the morning. In case you don't have a lot of time to prep then here is one easy yet glam look to go for.

I used the Ever Bilena Chocolate Palette and ELF eyeshadow palette to make this look. Careline liquid liner to line with which are all very affordable enough for that once in a while use that won't break the bank.

If you are a brow or blush and lipstick girl like me, then this is a look that's easy and simple to do. And if you watch a lot of Youtube tutorials, you'd probably heard of transition colors a lot. Basically, that's the base of the makeup and this is the color you'd find all over the crease area to just below the eyebrow. What I did was add a darker shade of the transition on the crease itself, in this case I used a combination of light and dark brown in matte. Then used a bright pink on the eyelid to the inner corner to the middle area, and violet on the other half transitioning to the brown. Then blend blend blend. Topped off with a black liquid liner and mascara to complete the look. Optional is adding falsies. I kept this simple by using a very natural looking falsies (and because I still wear glasses.)

Simple enough look to fit whether day or night events. Let me know in the comments section what themes you are attending soon!


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