Excelente Ham Update December 2018!

It's Christmas season again, and as tradition dictates, the staple Ham will never be absent from the Noche Buena table of Filipino Families. That said, here we go for the most recent update on one of the infamous places to be this season.

As of December 11, 2018 above are the most up to date prices of the Filipino Favorite. During the first 2 weeks of the month, the buyers aren't all here yet, but there is significant absence of stocks at 7PM which speaks volumes of this hams fame.

"We're ready for the upcoming holidays.", says one of the staff. "Even with the price fluctutation, we do our best to minimize the increase [in prices] balancing this with the rising costs.", chimed another.

Another of the best sellers, available for retail, are the trimmings of the ham itself can be bought at P1,000 per kilo. We tried the sweet bacon one and the ham marinated in pineapple sauce at half kilo each. And mmmm... It's worth a comeback!

Have you tried Excelente's ham yet? Leave me your thoughts and why it's worth waiting in line for in the comments box. 😄


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