"Get off of me!" Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Test Drive

Yes. These were the exact words that I said when I was trying to take off Maybelline's Super Stay Matte Ink in Amazonian the first time I tried it. To be fair, my expectations were set. So I did the whole prep shebang with the lipbalm and primer, but it still the color was persistent. I swear I did not like the whole separation anxiety this lippy was making on me!

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That's the pro for this product. Another I really liked is that it fit me really well and you know that I have morena to fair combination oily skin, right? (Oh okay, now you know *wink wink*) So I was a little scared being that it's orange based and all. But surprise surprise! And then it, being orange based, inspired me to recreate a look which is my favorite smokey eye type. Because it's so easy to do and can be our go to if we don't want to go wrong. Simply glamorous. :)

Now the only thing I'm not big on is the tacky feeling upon application. Mind you, it did not go away when I had lunch so it was a teeny tiny bit bothersome as I had to stretch my lips, getting ready to talk. Or my lips would look like they were being glued together. I tried to apply a light layer of powder, sadly, to no avail too.

Overall, though, will I still use it? Definitely! Facing lots of people requires being presentable, and I mean ALL THE TIME. So mininal touch ups is an absolute must.

These are my personal and honest opinion about the product and it is hard to judge until you actually get to try it. So I'm curious. Let me know your thoughts by commenting down below.



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