Everyday Brows on Fleek? It's No Secret, Really.

I've been asked many times, how I do my brows as everyday I come to work with perfectly shaped brows. And best I can do is describe how I do it. Er, well of course, not everyone is an audio learner (like me haha) so they need more than just verbal instructions.

Alright, so here we go. I use:
  • An eyebrow pencil. (I prefer to use the EB Advance Silky Brow Liner in Chocolate at P100.00 because it's inexpensively good).
  • Concealer (I got this awesome Expoleur concealer in Beige for P88.00 which really works for my oily skin well at Daiso).

How I do it.

  1. I trim my brows from time to time just to keep it in shape so it's easier for me to follow the natural shape. For everyday use, I prefer to use a pencil since I find it easier to use.  So I use the pencil to shape my brows.
  2. Next up, I blur the lines in the brow to solidify the color from the mid to the outer part of the brow. The excess color, I use towards the middle part to the inner part of the brow.
  3. I then concealed just outside the brow and blended the concealer out.
And all set!  You can watch the actual video of the steps in my IGTV account and don't forget to subscribe for mor easy makeup tutorials for daily use!


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