Smile, Because You Can

Everyday, we are faced with small battles that make up our daily lives. From simply deciding what to wear, behaving at work, getting in between kids' fights to, making decisions that will make an impact to our lives. Depending on how we deal with the situation, it can become pretty stressful. 

Now, stack stress one upon another and we become like bowstrings pulled back too tight that the tendency is, we break. During these times, we may find it hard to smile. For my part, and because I am a proud extrovert, my way of dealing with stress is either I call a friend to take the emotional baggage. Or I write it down. Once the storm has passed, I can begin to think with clarity and smile or laugh at the silliest things again. Stress becomes a long forgotten word.

But through it all, and no matter how dark, we need to remember. Being able to smile is enough reason to. So I encouraged you to smile more. Don't set expectations that people will smile back, but give it a try. Smile when you can, because you can. :)


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