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Who is the new Miss Universe this 2018? Miss Philippines!

Eyes are now glued to TV sets, monitors and mobile devices to await who will take home the crown in the most prestigious beauty pageant held every year.

We are proudly represented by Catriona Gray (@catriona_gray), who is not new to the pageant industry having won the Miss World Phillipines title back in 2016.

Miss Universe:
  • Philippines - Catriona Gray 

1st Runner Up:
  • South Africa - Tamaryn Green

2nd runner up:
  • Venezuela - Sthefany Gutiérrez

The top 3 are:
  • Philippines - Catriona Gray
  • South Africa - Tamaryn Green
  • Venezuela - Sthefany Gutiérrez

As of this post, the finalists are:

Final Five:Puerto Rico - Kiara Ortega
  • Vietnam - H'Hen Nie
  • Philippines - Catriona Gray
  • South Africa - Tamaryn Green
  • Venezuela - Sthefany Gutiérrez

Top 10:
  • South Africa - Tamaryn Green
  • Vietnam - H'Hen Nie
  • Venezuela - Sthefany Gutiérrez
  • Philippines - Catriona Gray
  • Costa Rica - Natalia Carvajal
  • Curacao - Akisha Albert
  • Nepal - Manita Devkota
  • Canada - Marta Magdalena Stepien
  • Thailand - Sophida Kanchanarin
  • Puerto Rico - Kiara Ortega

  • *Photos are from the net.*

    Excelente Ham Update December 2018!

    It's Christmas season again, and as tradition dictates, the staple Ham will never be absent from the Noche Buena table of Filipino Families. That said, here we go for the most recent update on one of the infamous places to be this season.

    As of December 11, 2018 above are the most up to date prices of the Filipino Favorite. During the first 2 weeks of the month, the buyers aren't all here yet, but there is significant absence of stocks at 7PM which speaks volumes of this hams fame.

    "We're ready for the upcoming holidays.", says one of the staff. "Even with the price fluctutation, we do our best to minimize the increase [in prices] balancing this with the rising costs.", chimed another.

    Another of the best sellers, available for retail, are the trimmings of the ham itself can be bought at P1,000 per kilo. We tried the sweet bacon one and the ham marinated in pineapple sauce at half kilo each. And mmmm... It's worth a comeback!

    Have you tried Excelente's ham yet? Leave me your thoughts and why it's worth waiting in line for in the comments box. 😄

    Holiday Makeup Ideas

    It's Christmas season again! And we all know what that means. Parties to attend to. Reunions to get ready for. Year-end occasions. The list is quite long. Since part of the list means getting ready then let's talk about some looks which you can easily go for specially if you still have work to take care of in the morning. In case you don't have a lot of time to prep then here is one easy yet glam look to go for.

    I used the Ever Bilena Chocolate Palette and ELF eyeshadow palette to make this look. Careline liquid liner to line with which are all very affordable enough for that once in a while use that won't break the bank.

    If you are a brow or blush and lipstick girl like me, then this is a look that's easy and simple to do. And if you watch a lot of Youtube tutorials, you'd probably heard of transition colors a lot. Basically, that's the base of the makeup and this is the color you'd find all over the crease area to just below the eyebrow. What I did was add a darker shade of the transition on the crease itself, in this case I used a combination of light and dark brown in matte. Then used a bright pink on the eyelid to the inner corner to the middle area, and violet on the other half transitioning to the brown. Then blend blend blend. Topped off with a black liquid liner and mascara to complete the look. Optional is adding falsies. I kept this simple by using a very natural looking falsies (and because I still wear glasses.)

    Simple enough look to fit whether day or night events. Let me know in the comments section what themes you are attending soon!


    Everyday Brows on Fleek? It's No Secret, Really.

    I've been asked many times, how I do my brows as everyday I come to work with perfectly shaped brows. And best I can do is describe how I do it. Er, well of course, not everyone is an audio learner (like me haha) so they need more than just verbal instructions.

    Alright, so here we go. I use:
    • An eyebrow pencil. (I prefer to use the EB Advance Silky Brow Liner in Chocolate at P100.00 because it's inexpensively good).
    • Concealer (I got this awesome Expoleur concealer in Beige for P88.00 which really works for my oily skin well at Daiso).

    How I do it.

    1. I trim my brows from time to time just to keep it in shape so it's easier for me to follow the natural shape. For everyday use, I prefer to use a pencil since I find it easier to use.  So I use the pencil to shape my brows.
    2. Next up, I blur the lines in the brow to solidify the color from the mid to the outer part of the brow. The excess color, I use towards the middle part to the inner part of the brow.
    3. I then concealed just outside the brow and blended the concealer out.
    And all set!  You can watch the actual video of the steps in my IGTV account and don't forget to subscribe for mor easy makeup tutorials for daily use!

    "Get off of me!" Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Test Drive

    Yes. These were the exact words that I said when I was trying to take off Maybelline's Super Stay Matte Ink in Amazonian the first time I tried it. To be fair, my expectations were set. So I did the whole prep shebang with the lipbalm and primer, but it still the color was persistent. I swear I did not like the whole separation anxiety this lippy was making on me!

    Products used are owned.

    That's the pro for this product. Another I really liked is that it fit me really well and you know that I have morena to fair combination oily skin, right? (Oh okay, now you know *wink wink*) So I was a little scared being that it's orange based and all. But surprise surprise! And then it, being orange based, inspired me to recreate a look which is my favorite smokey eye type. Because it's so easy to do and can be our go to if we don't want to go wrong. Simply glamorous. :)

    Now the only thing I'm not big on is the tacky feeling upon application. Mind you, it did not go away when I had lunch so it was a teeny tiny bit bothersome as I had to stretch my lips, getting ready to talk. Or my lips would look like they were being glued together. I tried to apply a light layer of powder, sadly, to no avail too.

    Overall, though, will I still use it? Definitely! Facing lots of people requires being presentable, and I mean ALL THE TIME. So mininal touch ups is an absolute must.

    These are my personal and honest opinion about the product and it is hard to judge until you actually get to try it. So I'm curious. Let me know your thoughts by commenting down below.