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Winwyn on making a back to back win as Reina Hispanoamericana 2017

From the right, Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco and Miss HispanoAmericana Teresita Winwyn Marquez. (Photos from the net)

It’s indeed a very good November for the Philippines as two of our confidently beautiful candidates have successfully bagged the crown in their respective competitions.

Karen Ibasco who won the prestigious Miss Earth 2017 pageant Saturday evening, confidently answered the question as to who Mother Earth’s biggest enemy is with, “I believe that the real problem in this world is not climate change. The real problem is us because of our ignorance and apathy. What we have to do is to start changing our ways, to start recalibrating our minds and redirecting our steps because together, as a global community, our micro-efforts will have a macro-effect to help save our home, our planet.. Karen succeeded Ms. Ecuador, Katherine Espin.

Winwyn Marquez took home the Miss Hispanoamericana title this morning, as the first and only Asian candidate to win the coveted title. She wowed the judges with her response to how she would promote the Hispanic-American culture with the prevailing language barrier.

Her winning answer was, Language can be learned but the will and determination to contribute to the organization cannot. It has to come from the heart. It has to be natural. I believe that kindness is a universal language that if you treat people with tolerance, patience and love, you will understand each other.

The Hispanic culture is not about language only. Its about love for God, love for country, love for history and culture and love for family. And as a Filipina with a unique heritage, I have instilled that. I am ready to promote the Hispanic culture not just in Asia but in the whole world. It is time to celebrate the Hispanic culture. It is meant to be celebrated.

Winwyn succeeded Miss Colombia, Maria Camila Soleibe.

Miss Universe 2015: Philippines!


Amidst the controversies surrounding the finale of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, the Philippines ended with taking the crown home!

Photo courtesy of Manila Bulletin

Photo courtesy of Manila Bulletin

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach dominated the preliminaries with her classic grace and elegance. Plus her with her wit to match responding to the question, why she should be the next Miss Universe. She responded with:

To be Miss Universe is both an honor and a responsibility. If I were to become Miss Universe, I will use my voice to influence the youth and I will raise awareness to certain causes like HIV awareness that is timely and relevant to my country. I want to show the world, the universe rather, that I am confident, and beautiful with a heart.

-Pia Wurtzbach

Even though, the ending was quite, needless to say, awkward: the show went on with Miss Universe 2014, Paulina Vega, taking the crown from fellow Colombian National, Ariadna Gutiérrez, to the rightful winner, Miss Philippines.

After 40 years, we finally get to take home the cake with our next Miss Universe title. Plus with the standards going up, we can certainly expect our next round of contestants to always making it, close if not, to the top!

Congratulations Megan Young! Our New Miss World 2013


Amidst the controversies roused by an unknown personality, perhaps a supporter of a rival candidate, Megan Young has given us Filipinos another reason to be proud of our own. In the recently concluded Miss World 2013 held in Bali ,Indonesia Megan proved to the world that she is not just any pretty face as she also won the “Top Model” competition, placed fourth in the “Multimedia Challenge” and fifth in the “Beach Beauty” contest.


Daughter to a Filipino Mother and American Father, Megan was raised with two other siblings. One being an actress like herself, she grew up in Olongapo City and is currently taking a major in Digital Film Making while working as a model, actress and host to various programs in TV 5.


Needless to say that we are very proud of her recent achievement as it brings good vibes to us, Filipinos, after the recent negativity brought on by the different issues that the country had just undergone. Personally, I hope that there will be more great news that will save whatever remaining pride the Philippines has and again our congratulations to Megan Young. Our new Miss World 2013!


Photo from the net.