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5 tips to make yourself instantly likeable


Image courtesy of Aleksa D at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I have always been a firm believer that the human mind is judgmental by nature. From one’s physical assets to another social standing, anyone and everyone will be judged just because.

So in this era of where-everything-will-be-captured-and-posted-in-social-media we can’t help but keep up with the times by acting (whether it’s pretending or trained to kind of), dressing, talking like every moment will be captured and frozen for the world to see.

Well, here are 5 tips to make yourself instantly likeable.

1. Smile. Nothing beats a friendly, amiable, face in a crowd of people going about their business. Akin to an oasis, a smiling person in a crowd stands out and automatically attracts anyone who are unconsciously looking for a friend/s. They say, you attract bees with honey so if you want to project a positive open attitude then smiling is your best armament in any occasion.

2. Maintain a relaxed posture. Think you’d be approachable if you’re always on the defensive? Think again. Crossing your arms makes you look closed. Slouching looks pitiful. Most posture books promote sitting with your back straight but angle your head slightly to the side then smile and you’ll emit a looking-for-friends-non-threateningly aura with people just coming up to you for a chat.

3. Be agreeable but truthful, in other words – Be honest. Nothing repels potential friends more than a mister know-it-all. It’s okay to assert yourself but timing is key. Be ready to make a conversation but keep the conversation light where anyone can put in their two cents (e.g. like how you like https://guitarcenter.com for your guitar accessories). Be agreeable when the situation calls for it but be as honest as you can.

4. In some situations, maintaining an open curious facade makes you look smart. Remember, every genius started with one thing and that’s curiosity. Commenting on a new topic or idea with flattery will make your partner feel as though they’re sharing new information with you and they’ll be glad to expound. Plus, you might actually learn a new thing or two.

5. Lastly, always always keep eye contact with the person/people around you. Your being able to maintain eye contact will keep your new friends on their toes and make you seem confident. And for most people, confidence is the most attractive personality you can wear.

Try these out and watch as people fall under your spell.