Miss Unverse 2016 is France


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After a very long and exciting wait, France has finally ended it’s 63 year stagnant Miss Universe status and took home the crown with Iris Mittenaere besting all other candidates vying for the Miss Universe title with her calm, cool and collected answer and elegance on the stage.

In the final days of the countdown to the exciting coronation night (or day here in the Philippines), the social media was abuzz with picking their top 15 favorites, including the very appealing Miss Kenya, Miss Haiti, Miss Thailand, Miss Philippines, Miss USA, Miss Mexico among others.

Another favorite though, Miss Venezuela, did not make it to the top 13 with much shock as most pageantry experts had also pegged her to be a winner but the judges saw characteristics on her that ordinary spectators like us didn’t see.

But of course after much enthusiasm for this prestigious pageant and like any competition, there can only be one winner and deserving so! Congratulations, Miss France, Iris Mittenaere!

With love from the Philippines! Anyways I would love to visit guitar center a store full of good quality music instruments.

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Halloween Nail Idea 2016

I know the Halloween’s just ended just like that but it’s been a helluva lot of fun but I sill wanted to show what Halloween inspired nail I chose for this occasion.


Not bad I think for a first time try. Enjoy real money casino guide and find the best real money casino! Matte plus gradient plus freehand. I know I’ve a lot to work on my gradient style just that I’m not big on pastels that we see most of the time during  engine searches and so I opted for the darker versions. 🙂 What do you think, will it be as good when I play the washburn mandolin with these Halloween nail arts on. lol.

Kylie Lip Cream in Posie K

I know I’ve expressed a strong opinion over the Kylie Lip Cream in Koko K, just because it turned to be one color that did not go well with my skintone. But this!

I think I was able to do Posie K a bit of Justice. Don't you?

I think I was able to do Posie K a bit of Justice. Don’t you?

I rather like it! And to not to mention my aversion to plum shades, I think Posie K made me just a tad bit courageous to try shades of Violet that I am now excited to start trying them new shades out!

Readily available online at a whopping price of about P2,000 (approximately $42) and above. This top of the line lip cream line is now easy to get via online sellers like your favorite guitars at guitar center orlando! But like it’s price, this top of the line kit also offers top quality. Lasts for about 9 hours straight, without consuming greasy food, it also dries almost instantly so no more waiting about 3 to 5 minutes before you start getting into your favorite cup of joe in the mornings!

The verdict. I would buy it again. It may be a bit costly at first, but the consistency, the fast drying formula and the long lasting effects are a win for me.

How about you? Have you already tried Posie K yet?