Miss Unverse 2016 is France


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After a very long and exciting wait, France has finally ended it’s 63 year stagnant Miss Universe status and took home the crown with Iris Mittenaere besting all other candidates vying for the Miss Universe title with her calm, cool and collected answer and elegance on the stage.

In the final days of the countdown to the exciting coronation night (or day here in the Philippines), the social media was abuzz with picking their top 15 favorites, including the very appealing Miss Kenya, Miss Haiti, Miss Thailand, Miss Philippines, Miss USA, Miss Mexico among others.

Another favorite though, Miss Venezuela, did not make it to the top 13 with much shock as most pageantry experts had also pegged her to be a winner but the judges saw characteristics on her that ordinary spectators like us didn’t see.

But of course after much enthusiasm for this prestigious pageant and like any competition, there can only be one winner and deserving so! Congratulations, Miss France, Iris Mittenaere!

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