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Spa Day!

Every once in a while, it’s nice to treat ourselves to a relaxing body massage in order to let some of the tension go. After all, you’ve worked hard for months on end and it doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or at work. Stress is always there. And some studies show that the most common culprit in illnesses we contract is due to stress. Not surprising considering that we live in a fast paced world where everything needs to be completed in a snap.

So for this special treat, I decided to take up my good friend and beauty blogger, Alice’s, invitation to try out this hot new spa which happens to be near me. Jasmine’s Therapeutic Spa, is equipped with the most basic commodities a spa requires and is specially thought of to bring a relaxing feeling for us hardworkers. With the team ready to serve tea, it’s a wonderful experience indeed.

The masseuse, being specially screened and trained in some of the most expensive spas in the metro, pride themselves with years of experience and a license to boot! So you know you are in good and professional hands.

My only take in this experience is that the visit could have been made more memorable with wider tea options. Perhaps Lavander or Chamomile to induce relaxation before or after the massage sessions. Light snacks as well such as small sandwiches would definitely make the visit well worth it!

All in all, the visit is worth the hour’s travel and the weeks of tension released. Would I go back? Definitely! Maybe for a ventusa session next time. 🙂

Say it with Confidence, #SayItWithSwish

We’ve all been there. In a party, in a gathering, or even in a meeting, when you’re about to speak but stop short because well. That delicious garlic bread is about to make itself known.

Yes, yes I know. Embarrassing. Oh where’s a mint when you need one?!

Well George has been there. About to pop Tanya a big question but hesitates. Hun, you gotta watch Swish’s new video to find out how George boosts his confidence and #SayItWithSwish


Readily available at your local Mercury Drug Store, Watson’s, Super Store, and in most groceries, Swish can be bought at P105 per 10ml travel handy bottle. I found Swish to be one of the best breath sprays that not only freshens breath but kills the bacteria that brushing doesn’t!

For more handy ideas on how you can boost your own confidence, visit Swish official FaceBook fanpage too!

Go ahead. Give it a go and let me know what you think.


My Growing Family

As a professional makeup artist, my tools are as important as my skills since one can’t work without another. And the tools I use are, and I’m very proud to say this, growing! Yaaay!

Meet my weapons, my tools, my babies!

Meet my weapons, my tools, my babies!

I’m very proud to say that I have gained a lot of these babies to help me in my chosen profession. In my opinion, a sword can only fight so well as the hand that wields it so I always treat these with utmost care by ensuring that they are always sanitized since they are used on my clients’ skin. They are very impotant to me as JBL Speakers can be to a DJ, specially since the magic can’t happen with only half of the effort put through.

I also use most of these since, besides being a makeup artist, I am also a Customer Care consultant by day. So facing clients is a regular must, and I feel that being presentable is of an utmost importance!

In the next few blogs, I will also be feauring a few tutorials that I can share, specially since I found that there’s not very many makeup gurus who have skin like mine. Oily and tan. Now, since a lot of us Filipinas are on the tan side of the spectrum then I feel that I’d be able to help out just a bit! So I’ll see you around!