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My Lucky Friday the 13th


Where I’m from, Friday the thirteenth is believed to be an ominous day where luck would have been nonexistent. Unlucky for some. But today, I am considering myself to be very lucky with the series of fortunate events that unfolded in the last 12 hours.

To be honest, the day didn’t really start great. Rather getting stranded for an hour and a half would be crazy. Almost missing an important event was disappointing, but everything changed when assertiveness came into play. I wanted, 100%, to be part of the women’s talk featuring Nia Taduran, who I watch every afternoon on TV at Wanted Sa Radyo. And of course, participate in the Makeup Workshop featuring celebrity makeup artist, Cezar Layno. So although I missed the first part of the session, I was able to push for participation on the workshop which was exactly what I was aiming for. (Thanks boss Ahyo for the opportunity!).

And thank God, I did. Not only was I motivated to continue with my passion for makeup, I also met these awesome folks who work to make work fun! Imagine that. 🙂

And so through meeting these brilliant people, I also got the chance to be a co-writer for the company blog! Fantastic, isn’t it?

This day is definitely one of the best I’ve had in a while and all on a Friday the thirteenth. Who would’ve thought?!



My Growing Family

As a professional makeup artist, my tools are as important as my skills since one can’t work without another. And the tools I use are, and I’m very proud to say this, growing! Yaaay!

Meet my weapons, my tools, my babies!

Meet my weapons, my tools, my babies!

I’m very proud to say that I have gained a lot of these babies to help me in my chosen profession. In my opinion, a sword can only fight so well as the hand that wields it so I always treat these with utmost care by ensuring that they are always sanitized since they are used on my clients’ skin. They are very impotant to me as JBL Speakers can be to a DJ, specially since the magic can’t happen with only half of the effort put through.

I also use most of these since, besides being a makeup artist, I am also a Customer Care consultant by day. So facing clients is a regular must, and I feel that being presentable is of an utmost importance!

In the next few blogs, I will also be feauring a few tutorials that I can share, specially since I found that there’s not very many makeup gurus who have skin like mine. Oily and tan. Now, since a lot of us Filipinas are on the tan side of the spectrum then I feel that I’d be able to help out just a bit! So I’ll see you around!



Maybelline’s Colorshow Downtown Red

Oh so sexy red! Maybelline's Colorshow in Downtown Red is perfect for that night out when you're feeling like a vixen and smokin'! Raawrr!

Oh so sexy red! Maybelline’s Colorshow in Downtown Red is perfect for that night out when you’re feeling like a vixen and smokin’! Raawrr!

Sometimes, just sometimes, we’re in the mood for some feminine powerplay. And when we do, what better way to display it than with a flash of red. Right? Be it a red dress, a red stiletto, or most likely red lips, red is sure to bring out some fire and makes us feel smokin’ hot! Like some guitar types for beginners.

Well, what lippy works best? In this case, I’m all for Maybelline’s Colorshow in Downtown Red! Playful, sexy and simple is all that there is in this color! I wear it with soft brows and some glasses to complete the look, no one’s going to call you teacher soon!

It also works easily for, in my case, when you’re running late that you don’t have the time to do the shebang. Do your brows, skip the eyes and blush, then swipe some red. That’s it! Your done! Easy-Peasy, right?

Maybelline’s Colorshow in Downtown Red is available at your nearest Watsons at P260 per tube. Come on! You know you want it. 😉