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Facemask Galore!


I know you’ve probably heard of so many makeup gurus, skin experts, and makeup artists mention taking care of your skin by applying face masks from time to time, right? I did too! In fact, in lieu of this skincare advice, I did get the chance to try different types of masks, ranging from the DIY type to the ones that comes in packages. So yes, I have become a typical follower who has used, tested and have become a testimonial to this skincare routine!

In this past month, I have been very fortunate to have received a package of not one but 10 pieces of masks which my good friend sells for a whopping P20 each! That’s right! They are that cheap and each one is very good too! The three photos above show the samples I received and I’ve been using them religiously twice a week at night before I go to bed. Coupled off with fantastic skin care routine and voila! Smooth, young looking skin is what you’ll get everyday!

To get these healthy and awesome facemasks, check out Love at 1st Bite’s Facebook page and select your chosen mask from a whole set of different masks available online, as well as other makeup items you will want or need. So yes, definitely catering to makeup lovers much like music lovers to guitar hanger, check it out at






Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K

So I’m curious. I’ve seen, and rode, the waves of makeup trends with the favorite being mettalic on matte. Shiny eyes on matted lips. Now along with the craze of matted lippies one of the names that seem to stand out is the Kylie Lip Kit. Why is it so famous? Because of the Jenner’s? Because it’s better? If so then how?

Oh, I’m no newbie to the world of matte just because, personally, I like matte lipsticks. I love how they last longer and don’t transfer to your coffee or water glass every time. So I went on a quest to see what really makes it stand out. Luckily, I got the opportunity to review these lovelies courtesy of my boss and here are what I found:


  • They look and feel good on the lips unlike the other brands, whether drug store or high end. Hydrating as it’s not as dry nor heavy on the lips.
  • A bit on the expensive side. I mean the cheapest was at P1,800 up to P2,500.
  • Koko K would be one color I’d avoid just because it’s too light for me. No offense, Kylie. I’m just not comfortable with the hue. Reminds me of Nicki Minaj hahaha!

The Verdict.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy them (sorry lovelies) just because I’m not a big fan of this color. And in the event that I would avail of this hue then I can always get the same colors on cheaper brands. Would they be the same? Definitely not. But if I want the best value for my money then I can settle for another. I heard ColourPop is doing a great job as a dupe at a fraction of the price. But for those who are currently enjoying them, by all means, I’m all for that!

Let me how it was for you!


DIY Makeup: How To Darken/Lighten BB Cream

Professional or first time, we’ve all done it. Even after spending countless hours reading up on articles on swatching, watched gazillion tutorials on skin types, swatched all the BB, CC, DD, and foundation at the mall, somehow we still managed to take the wrong hue home.

How it happens can be due to a number of factors. If you shopped at the mall, or the drugstore then the culprit can be due to the lighting fixtures. You know how most of the makeup sections are far from natural lighting so one can easily be confused with the way light bouncess off your skin, or it could be due to the condition of your skin! Let’s face it. We didn’t leave the house freshly washed so out current foundation and/or powder can very much look the new product cakey, or ashy, much to the annoyance of the sales person. Haha!

Don’t fret! You’re not alone and the good news is that there are now so many ways that you can tweak and use that cream you recently got so that you can enjoy using them!

Now, if you’ve taken a look around. You’ll find a lot of ways to convert that too dark pigment to a lowlight or a countour. Then if you have a cream sitting in the drawer gathering dust then you might as well use it as a highlighter. And vice versa! But if you’re like me, then you might be one of those who would use the cream as is then you can also do what I did! Keep reading. 🙂


So, I ended up with a lighter BB cream that needed full foundation coverage which isn’t really suited to the hot and humid weather that we have in the Philippines so here is how I changed the color of my cream so I can continue using it as a stand alone.

Shawill BB Cream in 001. I have tan skin so this shade is lighter than what I currently have. It was a gift but the price is at P258 at the local drugstore. I used about a teaspoon size for a 1oz pot.

L’Oreal Truematch Foundation in Gold Vanilla. I have no qualms about this foundation because it matches my shade once it sets, so I thought it would be a good idea to lend the same technology to my BB cream. I used about 2 pumps for a 1oz pot of the mix.

San san 2 way cake foundation. in my opinion, among the locally manufactured brands, San san is the only makeup line to match the natural Filipina tan skin. The amount was on a trial and error basis so add a little till it matches your skin tone.

ELF Bronzer shade. Same thing, add a little amounts till you get the right shade.

So I mixed the BB cream and Foundation first then added small amounts of the powders to the pot then mixed, mixed, and mixed to blend them all in keeping in mind that the powders will need time to melt along the liquid. I swatched the mixture to my neck and chest to ensure that I’m getting the even shade that I want.


I hope this helps, thanks for reading and watch out for more reviews and tips and tricks and other beauty hacks I can share!