Make-Up for the 60’s Party

60 make=upWoodstock, hippie bus, the Beatles and music streaming from VOX AC4 Limited are some the things make the 60’s a cool era for parties and celebrations. It is no surprise that 60’s themed parties remain to be popular nowadays. Aside costumes, women also need to prepare their hair and make-up for these themed parties. Long hair parted at the center, fly away tips, and pixie cut with side bangs are some hairstyles that you can use for a 60s look. As for make-up, pales skin, dramatic eyes, rosy cheeks and light colored lipstick define the look of the 1960’s woman. You will need some foundation, translucent face powder, dark shades of eye shadow, eyeliner, false eyelashes or heavy mascara, light blush, and pale colored lipstick to create your own version of 1960’s beauty.

3 Habits for a Better Looking You

sleepModern cosmetic or beauty products make it easy for women to hide flaws like dark puffy eyes and dry or dull skin. But why be content with hiding it when you can do something to get rid of it. The first step in getting better looking skin is to take care of it. Aside from a beauty regimen, one mustn’t also neglect 3 habits that helps care for the skin. These include hydration, nutrition, and sleep. Our body needs water to function effectively and provide moisture for our skin. A regular dose of at least 8 glasses of water should do the trick. Healthy eating habits can give your skin a extra glow to make you look more beautiful. Make sure to add fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A,C, and E to keep your skin nourished. Finally, get enough sleep. The quality of your sleep is more important than its length. You 8 hours of sleep may still leave you feeling and looking tired if it has poor quality. Make your room conducive for sleep by keeping the noise out and getting comfortable beddings like those from for a well rested sleep.


Top 4 Designer Sarees in Trend

You got a late night party to attend, and there’s just one thing that’s bothering you right now. “What do I wear?” Well, how about that awesome top your friend gifted you on your birthday? That’s sure to go right with your favourite pair of jeans. No? Too old fashioned?

So, why not go Desi but still look like a million dollars? Yes, a Saree is what we are talking about. Now, if you think you can’t shake a leg at the party with a Saree wrapped around, you are probably getting it wrong. Offline stores sure give you various options but the currently e-commerce market is booming and the trend of online saree shopping is a complete hit.

In terms of fabric and embellishments, you have a great variety to choose from. And of course, you are sure to get your eyes on a colour of your choice. So, which one do you choose?

Chiffon Saree

salamaira20Tagged by many as a light-weight saree, this one turns out to be a perfect choice for summer. Though the material may feel too soft and comfy, these Sarees are highly durable and rightly compliment the woman in you. presently has an awesome collection of Chiffon Sarees on display. From designer chiffons to the plain ones, they seem to have them all.

Net fabric Saree

anamika51You often see celebrities wearing one at a launch or a Page 3 party. Hold on! That’s not something that makes these Sarees so popular. In fact Net fabric Sarees are best known for their elegance. No matter what body type you are, these Sarees can surely add up to your awesomeness.

Faux Georgette Saree

man825cat21974Now, if you’re not too much in fashion, Georgette might sound unfamiliar. Modern yet clinging on to the tradition, that’s the best way to describe a Georgette Saree. A light fill of Zardozi and a little bit of needlework makes it a perfect Desi party outfit. So, for a classy yet fashionable look, make sure you pick this one.

Cotton Saree

ishin-mfcs-ayushipaatliFinally, we have the one you have heard a lot about – cotton Sarees. While they are known to offer the best level of comfort, they are meant to bring out the best in you. In terms of colours and styles, you have innumerable options to choose from. And yes, they go easy on your pocket too.

So, if you have had a few sleepless nights thinking about what to wear for the party this weekend, you need to give your brain a little bit of rest. You already have options!!!

Online stores deal with an extensive range of party wear Sarees, most of which offer a heavy discount. Moreover, you can also hunt for discount coupons to save some extra bucks. Just a few clicks and you get your Saree delivered at your doorstep.

See? Wasn’t that difficult to find the right party wear, was it? And please don’t mind if you find a 100 eyeballs following you at the party. That pink top and jeans possibly wouldn’t have been able to do that.

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