My Lucky Friday the 13th

Where I’m from, Friday the thirteenth is believed to be an ominous day where luck would have been nonexistent. Unlucky for some. But today, I am considering myself to be very lucky with the series of fortunate events that unfolded in the last 12 hours.

To be honest, the day didn’t really start great. Rather getting stranded for an hour and a half would be crazy. Almost missing an important event was disappointing, but everything changed when assertiveness came into play. I wanted, 100%, to be part of the women’s talk featuring Nia Taduran, who I watch every afternoon on TV at Wanted Sa Radyo. And of course, participate in the Makeup Workshop featuring celebrity makeup artist, Cezar Layno. So although I missed the first part of the session, I was able to push for participation on the workshop which was exactly what I was aiming for. (Thanks boss Ahyo for the opportunity!).

And thank God, I did. Not only was I motivated to continue with my passion for makeup, I also met these awesome folks who work to make work fun! Imagine that. 🙂

And so through meeting these brilliant people, I also got the chance to be a co-writer for the company blog! Fantastic, isn’t it?

This day is definitely one of the best I’ve had in a while and all on a Friday the thirteenth. Who would’ve thought?!

Spa Day!

Every once in a while, it’s nice to treat ourselves to a relaxing body massage in order to let some of the tension go. After all, you’ve worked hard for months on end and it doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or at work. Stress is always there. And some studies show that the most common culprit in illnesses we contract is due to stress. Not surprising considering that we live in a fast paced world where everything needs to be completed in a snap.

So for this special treat, I decided to take up my good friend and beauty blogger, Alice’s, invitation to try out this hot new spa which happens to be near me. Jasmine’s Therapeutic Spa, is equipped with the most basic commodities a spa requires and is specially thought of to bring a relaxing feeling for us hardworkers. With the team ready to serve tea, it’s a wonderful experience indeed.

The masseuse, being specially screened and trained in some of the most expensive spas in the metro, pride themselves with years of experience and a license to boot! So you know you are in good and professional hands.

My only take in this experience is that the visit could have been made more memorable with wider tea options. Perhaps Lavander or Chamomile to induce relaxation before or after the massage sessions. Light snacks as well such as small sandwiches would definitely make the visit well worth it!

All in all, the visit is worth the hour’s travel and the weeks of tension released. Would I go back? Definitely! Maybe for a ventusa session next time. 🙂

5 tips to make yourself instantly likeable


Image courtesy of Aleksa D at

I have always been a firm believer that the human mind is judgmental by nature. From one’s physical assets to another social standing, anyone and everyone will be judged just because.

So in this era of where-everything-will-be-captured-and-posted-in-social-media we can’t help but keep up with the times by acting (whether it’s pretending or trained to kind of), dressing, talking like every moment will be captured and frozen for the world to see.

Well, here are 5 tips to make yourself instantly likeable.

1. Smile. Nothing beats a friendly, amiable, face in a crowd of people going about their business. Akin to an oasis, a smiling person in a crowd stands out and automatically attracts anyone who are unconsciously looking for a friend/s. They say, you attract bees with honey so if you want to project a positive open attitude then smiling is your best armament in any occasion.

2. Maintain a relaxed posture. Think you’d be approachable if you’re always on the defensive? Think again. Crossing your arms makes you look closed. Slouching looks pitiful. Most posture books promote sitting with your back straight but angle your head slightly to the side then smile and you’ll emit a looking-for-friends-non-threateningly aura with people just coming up to you for a chat.

3. Be agreeable but truthful, in other words – Be honest. Nothing repels potential friends more than a mister know-it-all. It’s okay to assert yourself but timing is key. Be ready to make a conversation but keep the conversation light where anyone can put in their two cents (e.g. like how you like for your guitar accessories). Be agreeable when the situation calls for it but be as honest as you can.

4. In some situations, maintaining an open curious facade makes you look smart. Remember, every genius started with one thing and that’s curiosity. Commenting on a new topic or idea with flattery will make your partner feel as though they’re sharing new information with you and they’ll be glad to expound. Plus, you might actually learn a new thing or two.

5. Lastly, always always keep eye contact with the person/people around you. Your being able to maintain eye contact will keep your new friends on their toes and make you seem confident. And for most people, confidence is the most attractive personality you can wear.

Try these out and watch as people fall under your spell.