Yves Rocher: For that natural pink lips


On a night out with friends? Or going on a date  with prince charming and can’t decide which look to go with? Well, if I may suggest try this look that will put focus on your eyes and leave the sultry invitation on your pucker.

How? Pretty easy. Focus on your eyes by lining both the lower and upper lid with a strong black or coal liner. You may ask, how much is enough into a dimly lit room and look into a mirror. If you can see your eyes lined clearly then its a sign that its perfect. Then apply an almost nude with a pinkish tone lippy like Yves Rocher in Grand Rogue for that perfect smoochable natural color!

This lippy is also perfect for the daytime look specially for no makeup makeup look.

Review: Himalaya Herbal Face Wash








Here I am, all out of facial wash now and wondering which new product to try… I open my email and there’s a message from sample room inviting samplers to try the new skin care line from Himalaya Herbal. And I’m like, hmm… (coincidence? Nah. Too good to be true haha) why not? So I look around and there’s no review yet. Well I’m curious so I place an order for a sampler for a facial wash.


Two days later and the package arrives, and in the bag are actually 2 sample sizes of Himalaya Herbals Purifying Face Wash.  It is soap free and has Neem and Turmeric for healthy clear skin.


I have since added my personal view on this herbal face wash and one sentence that stuck to me is if I will but it, and I am thinking yes! I will definitely get it again. It is one of the best that I have used so far and am pretty sure that it is my favorite at any given time!

How about you? Out of all the facial washes that you have tried, which one will remain your favorite?


Product Review: Beauty Addict Earth Palette



I remember the time when my cousin had asked me if I’d like some eye shadow palettes as she has more than she uses, I immediately said yes! Then asked for matte shadows. As a result, I got this Beauty Addict palette that I think is perfect for Smokey eyes. It includes one white and one dark brown in matte plus one in ivory and one in bronze with a little shimmer. Which I use almost every time I feel like making up.

Although the no makeup makeup look is a first choice what with the humid weather we have and my oily skin always expressing itself every 2 hours, I sometimes prefer to put on makeup specially at the start of the week for that professional look since this is our meeting day too. So it pays to look and feel professional because the little things are what bosses look at rather than the big picture. And those little impressions sure leave their mark so I make sure that I am well prepared.

So this is my palette choice on any given day, but what’s yours?




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