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Choose To Bloom Where You Are

Posted in Life lesson

There’s a lesson to be learned from flowers, and even I did not realize it until I saw the excerpt from above.

Whoever said this, I can only imagine, must be in a blissful state of contentment. In my case though, I agree and that it shouldn’t only begin to happen when we cqn have anything we want. We should always bloom in every small achievement we get. This is regardless if we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. The fact that we woke up at all is a glory in itself, therefore we should bloom.

While we don’t get to choose where we are planted. We can always choose whether to bloom or not.

I’m back!

Posted in Coffee

Welcome to my spanking brand new page! After almost two months of going off the grid, I finally managed to get back on track but with lots of tears as most of my site files were wiped out by bad databases, lost usernames and below par migration processes. Boohoo!

But! I have made it! Amidst the tears, the sleepless nights, I am back and ready to start wring again! And what a backlog I have waiting for me! Good thing I have my trusted old energy partner to count on. yes, still a coffee lover. I think moreso now, than ever before too!

You know, this is such a cool and handy way to get coffee specially when you’re always on the go. Specially when you don’t have your favorite coffee place nearby which you can fly to. So I was lucky to have won this one in a small contest and keep in my locker for those emergency days when I need a good dose of caffeine!

My only complaint I guess is that the bottle is glass so while I can have it easily chilled, I need to find a proper waste basket where glasses can go into. Hassle right there, but oh well. If I want it I got to do it!

Have you tried this before?