Say it with Confidence, #SayItWithSwish

We’ve all been there. In a party, in a gathering, or even in a meeting, when you’re about to speak but stop short because well. That delicious garlic bread is about to make itself known.

Yes, yes I know. Embarrassing. Oh where’s a mint when you need one?!

Well George has been there. About to pop Tanya a big question but hesitates. Hun, you gotta watch Swish’s new video to find out how George boosts his confidence and #SayItWithSwish


Readily available at your local Mercury Drug Store, Watson’s, Super Store, and in most groceries, Swish can be bought at P105 per 10ml travel handy bottle. I found Swish to be one of the best breath sprays that not only freshens breath but kills the bacteria that brushing doesn’t!

For more handy ideas on how you can boost your own confidence, visit Swish official FaceBook fanpage too!

Go ahead. Give it a go and let me know what you think.


At a Glance: Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Gilded Gold

If your skin is as tan as mine, then you might have a lot of doubt on what eyeshadow colors will look great on you without looking drag-ish or out of place!

Don’t fret coz you’re not alone. I’m a late bloomer. Meaning I answered my makeup artistry call at a so really late age so my anxiety over non earth colors are at an all time high. Good thing Pinterest and Instagram are easy social media tools that anyone can easily check out nowadays. Oh and of course, our favorite, YouTube!


Now one of the products that I was blessed with the opportunity to try out is the Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick in Gilded Gold. At first glance, it’s quite an intimidating color to work with. But at the same time an awesome one at that. So I took a look around and was inspired by some of the makeup displayed that highlights silver or gold eye liners. What a brilliant idea!


Try it out! Give the old way a little of an oomph! 


DIY Makeup: How To Darken/Lighten BB Cream

Professional or first time, we’ve all done it. Even after spending countless hours reading up on articles on swatching, watched gazillion tutorials on skin types, swatched all the BB, CC, DD, and foundation at the mall, somehow we still managed to take the wrong hue home.

How it happens can be due to a number of factors. If you shopped at the mall, or the drugstore then the culprit can be due to the lighting fixtures. You know how most of the makeup sections are far from natural lighting so one can easily be confused with the way light bouncess off your skin, or it could be due to the condition of your skin! Let’s face it. We didn’t leave the house freshly washed so out current foundation and/or powder can very much look the new product cakey, or ashy, much to the annoyance of the sales person. Haha!

Don’t fret! You’re not alone and the good news is that there are now so many ways that you can tweak and use that cream you recently got so that you can enjoy using them!

Now, if you’ve taken a look around. You’ll find a lot of ways to convert that too dark pigment to a lowlight or a countour. Then if you have a cream sitting in the drawer gathering dust then you might as well use it as a highlighter. And vice versa! But if you’re like me, then you might be one of those who would use the cream as is then you can also do what I did! Keep reading. 🙂


So, I ended up with a lighter BB cream that needed full foundation coverage which isn’t really suited to the hot and humid weather that we have in the Philippines so here is how I changed the color of my cream so I can continue using it as a stand alone.

Shawill BB Cream in 001. I have tan skin so this shade is lighter than what I currently have. It was a gift but the price is at P258 at the local drugstore. I used about a teaspoon size for a 1oz pot.

L’Oreal Truematch Foundation in Gold Vanilla. I have no qualms about this foundation because it matches my shade once it sets, so I thought it would be a good idea to lend the same technology to my BB cream. I used about 2 pumps for a 1oz pot of the mix.

San san 2 way cake foundation. in my opinion, among the locally manufactured brands, San san is the only makeup line to match the natural Filipina tan skin. The amount was on a trial and error basis so add a little till it matches your skin tone.

ELF Bronzer shade. Same thing, add a little amounts till you get the right shade.

So I mixed the BB cream and Foundation first then added small amounts of the powders to the pot then mixed, mixed, and mixed to blend them all in keeping in mind that the powders will need time to melt along the liquid. I swatched the mixture to my neck and chest to ensure that I’m getting the even shade that I want.


I hope this helps, thanks for reading and watch out for more reviews and tips and tricks and other beauty hacks I can share!


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