Thor is This Year’s Sexiest Man Alive Kimel just announced People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive this year as none other than Chris Hemsworth. And I’m like yaaaay team Thor! Yet another Marvel superhero following of other hero leads like Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man, and Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine. Just goes to show that cartoon characters are not limited to kids and their imagination but that they can be for adults too.

Though this year won’t be the first for the people to choose an actor as the sexiest man alive, remember Robert Pattinson who became more popular as who else? But the very sexy vamp- Edward of the Twilight series!

I love Chris Hemsworth and I thought that there wasn’t a better choice because of his boomimg voice and I thought he could rock that stubble to sexiness. Oh and that accent. And when asked, who for him is the sexiest woman. His answer is no one else but his wife! Aaawww… So sweet!

Are You Ready For The Cold?

Its the brrrrr months again so better bring those jackets, sweatshirts, and extra coats out as thr days and nights are bound to be colder at this time of the year signaling the occasion that we all love so much.


Covering ourselves shouldn’t be a drag because we can still be stylish while keeping ourselves warm. For me,anything with fur easily does the trick as fur is easy to the skin. And long coats can both be casual and formal so it can be worn at anytime.

The thing to remember of course when buying coats or jackets is that comfort comes before style. We must be comfortable to wear anything before anything else because looking great stems from feeling great. As confidence is exuded automatically.

Oh and don’t forget that timing is also key, as we are in a tropical country where it is hot more than cold all year round we don’t wear jackets under the boiling heat. We wear coats and jackets when its cold to be warm.


Review: Hairloss and Solution Found

Have you ever experienced getting hair on your towel while you dry off with a towel? Or dropping off strands of hair while combing? I know I have. Along with a few ladies and gents who love wearing their proud mane down.


Excessive hair loss along the crown or the vertex is called Alopecia. Commonly known as male pattern baldness, including that of receading hairline in an M pattern. Alopecia can be brought on by stress, hereditary trait or other changes in the environment. Sounds pretty scary huh? But hey, not to worry. It actually is a condition that is so common that we usually misinterpret it as common signs of aging.

But thanks to Minoxidil Regroe, we don’t have to suffer from this misconception anymore. Minixidil is a name that I came to know as a  child as my dad suffered from this condition too. I have seen the before, during, and after stage of my dad’s fight against Alopecia so I know that this is the name to trust. Specially now that I am on that stage when they say all signs of aging begin.


September was dedicated as Alopecia Awareness month and I agree that everybody needs to break the myth behind hairloss and begin focusing on the facts. Wouldn’t you?





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