Taylor Takes Swift Action

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift has made a point when she wrote Apple a letter explaining why artists needed to be paid during the Apple music free trial on its initial launch.


In her letter addressed to Apple, she stressed the value of money that will be owed, not just to artists like herself, but to music makers, producers, writers, and all the people who make the those sounds and lyrics into what we hear them today.


As of this writing, Apple head has announced that the free trial will continue as announced but artists will be paid business as usual.


Which I think is a good thing seeing as the artists, as much as the company behind each album, have put in all efforts to ensure that listeners enjoy each music produced therefore are entitles to these compensations. Specially in these times whete any of us can actually get free music in the internet.


*photo from the net.

Picking the Plum

Nowadays, more and more women are asserting what they wantwhich shows that they are more confident and in control of what they show on the outside as well as inside. And in this modern day and age, it is no longer surprising to see women in red killer heels or plum lips!

Plum Lips

Plum Lips

Though on the subject of plum lips, I must admit that I am a bit scared of sporting one because last time I tried; I ended up like I was getting ready for halloween (Ha ha). So I got curious.. The internet shows a lot of color charts that we can consult anytume we are unsure of a color we would like to wear. Color charts help determine what our undertonea are and what colors work with us best.

Color Chart

Color Chart (photo from net)

Take a look at your wrists. If your veins appear to be bluish to purple then your skintone is cool. This means the best shades for your skin are pinks, blues, purples, and deep based reds.


Meanwhile, if you have greenish veins then you have a warm undertone and this means your best shades are peach, corals, yellows, yellow-orange and orange based colors.

Hairstyle for summer

It’s summer time, the scorching heat from the sun and the sweat that never seems to stop making you look like just got out from the shower but the truth is it’s the sweat coming out of your body.  If you have long locks, set it up into bun or braid it up, there are a lot of tutorials you can find in the internet about the different types of braid style like the many guitar types you can choose from musical instruments online.

Here is a simple braiding that you can do by yourself:


photo: imgbuddy.com

Keeps you looking fresh and neat even under the sun.


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