Hairstyle for summer

It’s summer time, the scorching heat from the sun and the sweat that never seems to stop making you look like just got out from the shower but the truth is it’s the sweat coming out of your body.  If you have long locks, set it up into bun or braid it up, there are a lot of tutorials you can find in the internet about the different types of braid style like the many guitar types you can choose from musical instruments online.

Here is a simple braiding that you can do by yourself:



Keeps you looking fresh and neat even under the sun.


In Summmmerrr!


The dry season has been around now but I sure am starting to feel that its reaaaaallllyyyyy warm all day long! So better bring out those wide summer hats, dark umbrellas and sun screens as it sure is just starting and there’s a few months to go!


Although swimming would be the forefront idea in this kind of weather, there are also other activities that can be done to enjoy the warm breeze and sunny skies. We can go kite flying, road tripping, or do indoor-non-gadget-using-activities like scrabble while enjoying fruit shakes or learn to make halo-halo (sweetened fruit pieces mixed in ice and milk). Or even learn to make a fridge cake that looks like a chrome dome that involves mixing fruit cocktail in whipping cream then topping with chiffon cake slices. Mmmm… Yum!

Whatever the activity I’m sure we can always find one without having to go outside to burn under the sun or to contend with people in beaches and resorts. There’s definitely lots of ways to enjoy the summer and I’m sure you’ll find others to do too.

Review: L’Oreal Mythic Oil. The Secret to Softer Hair

So I am one of the lucky few who the chance to take home a loot bag from BDJ Box Camp Gorgeous and this one of the lucky items I got to try out.


Now, I have always been a fan of L’Oreal. From their makeup line to the recently introduced hair products and to be honest, the bar has been set to high even before trying out their products. Well here’s what I can say about the Mythic Oil line.

The Shampoo:

– Pretty mediocre. I mean, I was expecting more from this product since its a staple in all our bathrooms. Soft hair? Sort of.

– Fragrant? Yes.

– Squeaky Clean. Yes.

– But it did not give me that boom factor that I was expecting right from first use. Hohumm..

The Hair Treatment:

– Soft Hair? Yes.

– Fragrance? Yes like the flowery fragrant from apothecary products.

– Clean feeling? Yes.

Overall, they are good together but that’s where it ends. Pricing is OK too that any gal can purchase them from any store. And availability is awesome. I guess I was expecting a little something more. Like the initial feeling I got when I first tried Dove Shampoo. But they all got their differences and no two products should be alike.

So its a 3 star rating from me for these two together.


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