Fresh Options for a Centuries Old Fashion Tradition


Trends in fashion accessories come and go but there is one jewelry piece that never goes out of style for high school seniors, the class ring. The fashion value of this jewelry piece lies on what it represents rather than its style or design. It is usually worn by senior high school students to commemorate their graduation and show their school pride at the same time. Nowadays, students are no longer confined to the traditional class ring designs. One can already find fashion forward versions for these classic rings and have it customized to fit their style. Wearing class rings is a tradition that has been observed for centuries now but there is no need to get stuck with outdated fashion when there are fresh options available


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Fashion and Passion in Your Closet

DYI fashion

Clothes and accessories are tools that can be used to express one’s personality or interests. Classic pieces are usual choices for those who want to show their conservative side while bright colors and flirty prints reflect the playful or carefree side of a person. Music lovers with a flair for fashion can easily combine the two in their closet with a few music themed clothing and accessories. T-shirts with music prints are the easiest to acquire, you may even personalize it by printing instruments or equipment on them. Instead of the usual guitar or keyboard, a picture of the great sonivox vocalizer from guitar center can make your shirt stand out from the rest. There are also quirky accessories like guitar pick holder necklaces, music charms bracelet, legato earrings, and drum rings that can add melody in your outfits. You don’t have to go far to find these fashionable pieces because some music stores or online sites actually carry them along with your favorite instruments.

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Wedding and Wedding rings

Wedding ringWedding is one of the most anticipated events for people who are in-love and ready to take a life-long commitment with their partner. Some will plan for grandeur celebration and others opted for a simpler one, but one thing that will not be overlook are the wedding rings that will bind them together and will symbolize their pledge for each other. Wedding ring designs can be as grand as their celebration studded with diamonds and precious stones  or a plain wedding band, whatever the choice is there are designs like those of wedding bands by Scott Kay that will suit the couples’ taste. Plain or extravagant, the important thing is, it will lasts for a long long time just like their commitment with each other that this precious metal symbolizes.

image: Wikimedia Commons – Photographer : Jason Hutchens

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