Maybelline’s Colorshow Downtown Red

Oh so sexy red! Maybelline's Colorshow in Downtown Red is perfect for that night out when you're feeling like a vixen and smokin'! Raawrr!

Oh so sexy red! Maybelline’s Colorshow in Downtown Red is perfect for that night out when you’re feeling like a vixen and smokin’! Raawrr!

Sometimes, just sometimes, we’re in the mood for some feminine powerplay. And when we do, what better way to display it than with a flash of red. Right? Be it a red dress, a red stiletto, or most likely red lips, red is sure to bring out some fire and makes us feel smokin’ hot! Like some guitar types for beginners.

Well, what lippy works best? In this case, I’m all for Maybelline’s Colorshow in Downtown Red! Playful, sexy and simple is all that there is in this color! I wear it with soft brows and some glasses to complete the look, no one’s going to call you teacher soon!

It also works easily for, in my case, when you’re running late that you don’t have the time to do the shebang. Do your brows, skip the eyes and blush, then swipe some red. That’s it! Your done! Easy-Peasy, right?

Maybelline’s Colorshow in Downtown Red is available at your nearest Watsons at P260 per tube. Come on! You know you want it. ūüėČ

Miss Universe 2015: Philippines!


Amidst the controversies surrounding the finale of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, the Philippines ended with taking the crown home!

Photo courtesy of Manila Bulletin

Photo courtesy of Manila Bulletin

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach dominated the preliminaries with her classic grace and elegance. Plus her with her wit to match responding to the question, why she should be the next Miss Universe. She responded with:

To be Miss Universe is both an honor and a responsibility. If I were to become Miss Universe, I will use my voice to influence the youth and I will raise awareness to certain causes like HIV awareness that is timely and relevant to my country. I want to show the world, the universe rather, that I am confident, and beautiful with a heart.

-Pia Wurtzbach

Even though, the ending was quite, needless to say, awkward: the show went on with Miss Universe 2014, Paulina Vega, taking the crown from fellow Colombian National, Ariadna Gutiérrez, to the rightful winner, Miss Philippines.

After 40 years, we finally get to take home the cake with our next Miss Universe title. Plus with the standards going up, we can certainly expect our next round of contestants to always making it, close if not, to the top!

Pout a la Korean with Monomola Wow Lips!

Photo from online search

Photo from online search

Ever wondered why we are so attracted to Korean soaps? That guys and gals alike are so into the whole craze and at most times emulate their style? In my opinion, it’s the actors and actresses more than the story that catches our eyes more.

That because of their pale complexion, they tend to look really clean and well-groomed whatever other people would have to say. Plus their shy like demeanor touches a nerve in us, specially girls, because of the mahinhin (prim and proper) attitude ingrained in one way or another.

Now from what I’ve noticed, it’s not just their style that’s emulated these days but their makeup looks as well. Although, we can find lots of tutorials on how to get that gradient lips that became so popular, the real thing is just as crazy easy!

From what I recently discovered, the lip tattoo, which is the secret to these Korean makeup craze that we love looking at is so easy and convenient to use! Just apply let dry for about 10 minutes, peel! That’s it!

Easy does it for a long lasting effect!

Easy does it for a long lasting effect!

Here’s me still wearing monomola 9 hours later! No touch ups, I promise!

Think you got it all figured out, eh? Well it's so much simpler than what you think with Monomola Lip Tatto!

Think you got it all figured out, eh? Well it’s so much simpler than what you think with Monomola Lip Tattoo!

In my opinion, the Monomola Lip Tattoo is convenient for a busy day. What I recommend is to apply the lip tattoo right after foundation, oh and don’t forget to cover your lips too if you have dark lips like me, then continue to work on your brows, eyes, blush while waiting to dry. Then peel and apply a light coat of gloss or lip balm.


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