It’s summerrrrrr!


I’m sure y’all know what that means, right? Time to bring out the suntans, lifesavers, and those swimwear to flaunt those bodies. But wait! Summer doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to stay outdoors all the time. There’s a good amount of activities that can be done under the roof, the sun and the moon. But whatever you decide to do, basically, it’s time to parteeeeh!



Now, I know all these activities can be quite harsh on the pocket, lest you have your very own personal resort, but you don’t have to have lots of funds to have fun. If you want a good party, then where’s the best free location? Where else but home! ¬†Get that buddy of yours who loves half-playing all of the songs in your playlist or go to guitar for your rockin’ sounds, lots of chips, a bit of booze, and an awesome cleanup crew and you can have yourself the best party ever!

Of course, while you’re stocking up on those beers, sodas, and chips. Don’t forget to stock up on all the emergency numbers that you’ll need! Post them where you can easily find them like the fridge door, the doors, wall along the stairs and even right next to your DJ-buddy and you’re all set to go!


L’Oreal Paris Truematch Foundation in Gold Vanilla

As a mom, part time make up artist, and a career woman, I constantly find that having a good foundation is almost always a must! Be it for every work day, wear, meeting clients, or going out with the fam, it’s a great way to bring out the best and face whatever life has to suddenly throw at you.

L'Oreal Paris Truematch Foundation

In my latest quest, to find the ultimate foundation with the right blendability, stays on for the next 6- 8 hours, I was almost about to give up on my search when I heard that L’Oreal Paris Truematch Foundation was going to be on sale! Thank the heavens for the unasked signs, I found myself heading to the nearest Watsons outlet to secure a long-awaited treasure!

L'Oreal Paris Truematch Foundation Review

L’Oreal Paris Truematch Foundation Review

See the difference? It’s so awesome! It hides what needs to be hidden and leaves a photo edited version of your skin that’s ready to face the world even if you’re just in your digital audio workstation. Plus with super easy blendability, it glides on smoothly onto the skin and hides dark marks too! So I do leave out the need for concealers which is a total savings on my part!

L’Oreal Paris Truematch Foundation is at available on all leading drugstores, and Makeup outlets nationwide with an SRP of P950.

Precious gift

Hey ladies, Valentine had passed, have you received or sent your gift to your loved one? Roses and chocolates are still the favorite gifts during this season. Flowers symbolize love and enduring passion while chocolates for sweetness. But jewelries won’t be left out in the shadow as it is the most coveted gift that anyone would want to receive anytime of the day or year, with or without occasion.

firefighter rings

Themed jewelry like Joy Jewelers firefighter jewelry is a good remembrance when you give it to a relative or friend to show your appreciation of their chosen career. Or you yourself can have your own personalize themed ring or necklace bearing your name and department you are working on, just like when someone just graduated from college and have his/her college ring on his/her finger as pride for their alma mater.

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