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This is so far, one of my favorite nudes 💋

This is so far, one of my favorite nudes 💋

I’m a big fan of nudes now! I mean before, everytime I choose lippies, I always tend to go for the corals, the pinks and the reds. Thinking it’s always my go to on those days where I don’t have time or too lazy to be made up.

But now, I can see so much potential in the nudes. Think bold eyes, soft lips. Perfect for work!


At only P380 each, I got this from my good friend, Bianx of @loveat1stbite

They’re also perfect for ladies’ night out, red carpet entrances, and formal soirees. One can never go wrong with nudes since they always look fresh and simple and can go with any eyeshadow color!

Stockholm is a yay for me, like any Nyx Lip Creme is. It’s easy to apply, really cheap and does not dry like most matte lippies may do. But of course, be sure to scrub your lips clean before bed and keep them hydrated with lip balms and drinking lots of water!

Let me know who’s your favorite nude right now!


Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K

So I’m curious. I’ve seen, and rode, the waves of makeup trends with the favorite being mettalic on matte. Shiny eyes on matted lips. Now along with the craze of matted lippies one of the names that seem to stand out is the Kylie Lip Kit. Why is it so famous? Because of the Jenner’s? Because it’s better? If so then how?

Oh, I’m no newbie to the world of matte just because, personally, I like matte lipsticks. I love how they last longer and don’t transfer to your coffee or water glass every time. So I went on a quest to see what really makes it stand out. Luckily, I got the opportunity to review these lovelies courtesy of my boss and here are what I found:


  • They look and feel good on the lips unlike the other brands, whether drug store or high end. Hydrating as it’s not as dry nor heavy on the lips.
  • A bit on the expensive side. I mean the cheapest was at P1,800 up to P2,500.
  • Koko K would be one color I’d avoid just because it’s too light for me. No offense, Kylie. I’m just not comfortable with the hue. Reminds me of Nicki Minaj hahaha!

The Verdict.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy them (sorry lovelies) just because I’m not a big fan of this color. And in the event that I would avail of this hue then I can always get the same colors on cheaper brands. Would they be the same? Definitely not. But if I want the best value for my money then I can settle for another. I heard ColourPop is doing a great job as a dupe at a fraction of the price. But for those who are currently enjoying them, by all means, I’m all for that!

Let me how it was for you!


Say it with Confidence, #SayItWithSwish

We’ve all been there. In a party, in a gathering, or even in a meeting, when you’re about to speak but stop short because well. That delicious garlic bread is about to make itself known.

Yes, yes I know. Embarrassing. Oh where’s a mint when you need one?!

Well George has been there. About to pop Tanya a big question but hesitates. Hun, you gotta watch Swish’s new video to find out how George boosts his confidence and #SayItWithSwish


Readily available at your local Mercury Drug Store, Watson’s, Super Store, and in most groceries, Swish can be bought at P105 per 10ml travel handy bottle. I found Swish to be one of the best breath sprays that not only freshens breath but kills the bacteria that brushing doesn’t!

For more handy ideas on how you can boost your own confidence, visit Swish official FaceBook fanpage too!

Go ahead. Give it a go and let me know what you think.


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