No Makeup- Makeup Look

It was just one day, that I realized that I’ve been looking at a lot of Korean Makeup. Why?! It’s because they always sport a fresh clean look that I think anyone can do regardless of the color of their skin and will still manage to look great and fresh the whole day even after doing work-outs with the use of entry evel drums.

So here’s my way of doing it, and believe me, it’s not rocket science (Oh it’s what makeup gurus would say, and you know what? I believe them!).

Here’s what I used for my skin to get that fresh clean look:


- The Bare 5-in-1 BB Creams with Anti-oxidant in Tan

- The Bare Setting Powder in Tan

- For my eyes: Laura Mercier Cream Liner in PurpleNo Makeup- For my brows: Black Eyeshadow

- Lips: Careline Lippies in Taylor Red and L’Oreal in Nude.

Sufficient Sleep Leads to a Happy Healthy Life

Sleep deprivation

Not getting enough sleep not only make you look old and tired as dark circles and bags under your eyes become prominent. You can spend hundreds of dollars for creams and lotions to get rid of them, but other problems brought by sleep deprivation are more serious than these. It could lead to irritability, obesity and in some cases serious medical problems like heart disease and diabetes.

According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine – Sleeping less than 7.5 hours a night was associated with 33 percent higher rate of cardiovascular incidents such as strokes and heart attacks. And sleeping less than five hours doubled the risk of high blood pressure was found out on the study done by Columbia University.


A good night’s sleep means waking up relaxed and energized, ready to tackle a day’s work and activities. An adult needs an average of six to seven hours of good sleep and a sufficient sleeping habit can be achieved in a comfortable environment. A cozy bed to lay down a tired body like mattresses, a quiet and peaceful surroundings far from any distractions like noise from the outside or from electronics like television or gadgets (cellphones and computer). Avoid drinks with caffeine hours before hitting the sack and free the mind from any worries. Taking good care of our body by having enough sleep could make a big difference in our life.

The Prince and the Pauper

prince-george-look-alike-baby     Truly an amazing fact! Prince George, who the public is eagerly following around, has found his “twin” amongst a hundred entries who entered a local Prince George look-alike contest.

Yes, an 11-month-old hailing from Essex has just won a national competition to find the best doppelganger to Kate and William’s offspring.  -Vanity Fair

And the resemblance is remarkable that I too found it really adorable, amazing, and a little scary at the least. But hey, whoever thought all babies look alike? They don’t ,but for the fun fact that your son can look like the royal couple’s own is an honor that no one can take away.   But when you think about it, who looks more like Prince George? Kate or William. You decide. Kate-George-William

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